Yoweri Museveni Quotes About Leadership, Wealth and Security

“We do not need pressure from anybody to know how to solve problems in our society. They are our problems.” – Yoweri Museveni

Famous Yoweri Museveni Quotes

  1. “I want to inform everybody, starting with Ugandans, that Uganda will develop with or without loans.”

2. “The country cannot be prosperous if it keeps experiencing cases of insecurity.”

3. “Strategic security is among the missions of the NRM revolution and CID officers should play a key role in protecting the people against internal and external threats.”

4. “Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu. Greetings. Things are moving well in Uganda in spite of the corruption of some Public Servants and some elements of the political class.”

5. “Africa is wealthy in natural resources; the problem is they are not optimally utilized.”

6. “If we could export more finished products instead of raw materials, we could become a middle-income country.”

7. “The role of a political leader is to supervise government initiatives such as Emyooga, PDM, Operation Wealth Creation, the Youth Fund etc, which target that objective.”

8. ”The rulers are expendable, but the people always stay,”

9. “Avoid politics of tribe and identity. Our people are waking up. It explains why we have bumper production of milk, sugar, bananas, etc. Leaders must work for the prosperity of their people. That’s the most important thing.”

10. “Our population is growing rapidly because of our good health policy. When I came into office, there were 14 million Ugandans, today there are 38 million, despite the catastrophe of AIDS, which we have also tackled. The Ugandans know and appreciate this, especially the elderly.”

Yoweri Museveni Quotes On Security

11. “We will get more money from coffee through the joint venture than what we are getting now from raw coffee . That is why we want our Northern African friends and those from the Middle East to come and cooperate with us in this endeavor.”

12. “Our position remains clear, that the war must end through a peaceful process of dialogue between Russia and Ukraine. This war is affecting Africa, threatening world peace, not to mention the sanctions that are affecting many sectors like marine transport, banking.”

13. “Even when we were still fighting in the bush against the oppressive dictatorships of Idi Amin and Milton Obote, we introduced elections for the committees of the villages under our control.”

14. “We are helping our Somali brothers get rid of these narrow-minded attackers. The Somali people do not support the extremists, they are on the side of our soldiers.”

15. “It is, therefore, unfortunate that the World Bank and other actors dare to want to coerce us into abandoning our faith, culture, principles and sovereignty, using money. They really under-estimate all Africans.”

16. “Whilst delivering my speech to the plenary session in St. Petersburg this morning, I outlined the five factors that caused the defeat of imperialism and restored Africa’s sovereignty, to some extent. I also thank the Soviet people and other socialist countries, for their support.”

17. “We fought a lonely battle against terrorism sponsored by Sudan, and we have defeated it; we cannot be intimidated by any force. For us our guide is the Constitution of Uganda and the laws there under.”

18. “This perennial hemorrhage that Africa is undergoing is responsible for Africa’s stunting due to our bankrupt planners, coupled with external parasites who manipulate, interfere politically and work with traitors to retard Africa.”

19. “By 9th January 1985, 650 rifles, mortars, machine-guns, ammunition, etc., had been captured. It was another historic victory for the NRA. We then camped at Nyambiindo and re-organized the force, creating the battalions that pushed the UPC regime to its evening hours.”

Yoweri Museveni Quotes on Wealth creation in Africa

20. “It is very unlikely that Uganda will face a chaotic scenario similar to that in Syria or other places. Incidentally, doctors, scientists, engineers and nurses are highly sought after and find jobs immediately.”

21. “You heard your budget of Ug.Shs.52trillion. While I support that budget because there is no other solution in the short-run, it is important to know that Shs.17trillion of that budget, is to pay debts. Many of these debts, were being pushed by the neo-colonial public servants, until recently when I put down my foot and insisted on approving every loan.”

22. “To the MPs and indeed other leaders, my message is that you should be pre-occupied with the future and survival of the African race. That is what is critical, especially when we don’t have a strong nation like USA, China or India, as our anchor.”

23. “How do you ensure total security in the continent of Africa where colonialism ensured excessive political balkanization? If you have the right ideological orientation, you do what the NRM has done in Uganda.”

24. “What has Operation Wealth Creation been doing in that area? No coffee, no fruits, no poultry, no piggery, no dairy and no fish farming. In otherwords, no PDM.”

25. “We do not need pressure from anybody to know how to solve problems in our society. They are our problems.”

26. “Our laws and institutions are excellent, but the population is not yet ready. They must develop their views and need to be provided with the right information. We now also have private broadcasters and many are very critical of me, hostile even, yet they operate freely.”

27. “I am hopeful that anybody who inherits the NRA spirit in leadership, is capable of resisting cheap popularity, unnecessary debts and the insult of being turned into prostitutes due to love for money, but also, of making a very big contribution to the country.”

28. “I met Mr. Abdul Halim Hafidah Ameir and his delegation from Tanzania. We discussed future cooperation in the area of Energy, especially the power line from Mutukula to Mwanza, which will boost supply on that stretch, leading to the development for both Uganda and Tanzania.”

29. “Now that our People have woken up on the issue of wealth creation with dairy, coffee, fruits, palm oil, cocoa, etc., we should emphasize the issue of solar- powered irrigation to stabilize agriculture.”

More Quotes from President Yoweri Museveni

30. “There’s some amount of drinking coffee in Serbia and in this part of the world, so we want to promote our coffee to come here processed. Thankfully, Serbia has agreed to buy our processed coffee.”

31. “I call upon the Serbians to work with us in adding value to our agricultural raw materials like Coffee, tea and Cocoa, among others. Africans have many problems because they do not get true value from her products. We lose a lot of money because we don’t add value to these products.”

32. “Alongside members of the African Peace Initiative on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, I attended a working dinner with President Putin, to follow up on the recommendations made to Russia in June 2023. Noteworthy, is the acknowledgement by H.E Putin that the African initiative presents a balanced approach to ending the conflict by peaceful means and that Russia is giving careful considerations to these proposals.”

33. “What would have Uganda, East Africa, Africa and even the individual actors (Muteesa, Obote, Amin, Ben Kiwanuka on the Uganda side and elders from Kenya and Tanzania -Mzee Kenyatta, Mwalimu Nyerere, etc.) lost if the East African Federation had been actualized in 1963 as the Declaration of Intent proclaimed? So many lost opportunities and a lot of unnecessary trouble.”

34. “This business of how to integrate armies is not new, we have done it in many parts of Africa including here in Uganda, it cannot be the reason for starting such a devastating war.”

35. “In the areas which have been disturbed people are living cordially with the Security Forces. In areas like Gulu people are living peacefully. There is scrupulous respect of human rights.”

36. “I also thank Patience for introducing our family to the line of Christian leadership being the 1st priest in the family. She has showed us that you can be a cattle keeper and also a priest. I congratulate her!”

37. “Now that our People have woken up on the issue of wealth creation with dairy, coffee, fruits, palm oil, cocoa, etc., we should emphasize the issue of solar- powered irrigation to stabilize agriculture.”

About Yoweri Museveni

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a Ugandan military officer, politician, and revolutionary who has been the country’s ninth president since 1986. 

His government is regarded as autocratic. After losing the 1980 election, Museveni launched the Ugandan Bush War, which resulted in the overthrow of Milton Obote.

Scholars have described Museveni’s rule as competitive authoritarianism or illiberal democracy. 

The press has been subject to government control. No Ugandan election has been found to be free and transparent in the last 30 years.

Since 1986.  Museveni’s presidency has been marked by an increase in anti-gay legislation and activity, involvement in the First Congo War, the Rwandan Civil War, and other African Great Lakes conflicts; the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency in Northern Uganda, which caused a humanitarian crisis; and constitutional amendments, including the repeal of presidential term limits in 2005 and the removal of the presidential age limit in 2017.

Museveni was re-elected for a sixth term on January 16, 2021, with 58.6% of the vote, despite numerous videos and reports of ballot box stuffing, over 400 polling stations with 100% voter turnout, and human rights violations. 

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