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Watchman Nee, Ni Tuosheng was a Chinese church leader and Christian teacher who worked in China during the 20th century. His evangelism was influenced by the Plymouth Brethren.

67 Watchman Nee Quotes

  1. “Any action which lacks in obedience is a fall, and any act of disobedience is rebellion.”
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2. “Only those who are subject to authority can be authority.”

watchman nee quotes on prayer

3. “Never adopt an attitude of indifference, for if you do you will suffer for it. The weight will grow heavier and heavier.”

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4. “The reason for so many defeats in the spiritual realm is because this sector of the soul has not been dealt with drastically.”

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5. “For Christianity begins not with a big do, but with a big done.”

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6. “This strife increases as the days go by. If the believers will proceed faithfully without giving in to despair, they will incur fiercer conflict until such time as they are delivered.”

7. “Unless believers appreciate their own weakness, that is, know how incompetent they are in themselves to encounter the supernatural, they shall be deceived.”

8. “Our old history ends with the Cross; our new history begins with the resurrection.”

9. “A drowning man cannot be saved until he is utterly exhausted and ceases to make the slightest effort to save himself.”

10. “Self-pity, self-love, fear of suffering, withdrawal from the cross: these are some of the manifestations of the soul life, for its prime motivation is the self-preservation. It is exceedingly reluctant to endure any loss.”

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11. “The daily life of the Christian can be summed up in one word: receive.”

12. “Baptism is faith in action.”

13. “If you have not experienced the death of self, your spiritual life will have little real progress.”

14. “Every true work is not done to the poor. Every true work is done to Me.”

15. “Human feelings change as the world changes. Their easy excitement can occasion a saint to lose his spiritual balance. Their constant disturbance can affect a believer’s peace in his spirit.”

watchman nee quotes on faith

16. “Learn to recognize God’s sovereignty. Learn to rejoice in God’s pleasure. This was Abraham’s first lesson, namely that God, not himself, was the Source.”

17. “People who cover their faults and excuse themselves do not have a repentant spirit.”

18. “Most soulish believers assume an attitude of self-righteousness, though often it is scarcely detectable. They hold tenaciously to their minute opinions we ought to lay aside the small differences and pursue the common objective.”

19. “The Spirit is both a builder and a dweller. He cannot dwell where he has not built; He builds to dwell and dwells in only what he has built.”

20. “A born-again person ought to possess unspeakable peace in the spirit.”

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21. “Whenever man touches God’s delegated authority he touches God within that person; sinning against delegated authority is sinning against God.”

22. “He delights in having us cooperate with Him.”

23. “The attitude of saints toward their possessions most assuredly signifies whether they continue to preserve their self life or whether they have consigned it to death.”

24. “We recognize already that regeneration of the spirit is the paramount need of man.”

25. “Overcoming sin, blessed though it surely is, is but the bare minimum of a believers experience. There is nothing astonishing in it. Not to overcome sin is what ought to astonish us.”

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26. “The first and foremost sign of new birth in anyone is that he knows God intuitively, for his spirit has been quickened.”

27. “How pitiful it must be when the flesh gains dominion. Sin has slain the spirit:”

28. “Never decide on anything or start to do anything while emotion is agitating like a roaring sea. Again, during that time even our conscience is rendered unreliable.”

29. “Love flows from the denial of the self life. Blood shedding is the source of blessing.”

30. “Good is not always God’s will, but God’s will is always good.”

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31. “God has supplied all my needs and has not failed me once.”

32. “We must have a spirit of power towards the enemy, a spirit of love towards men, and a spirit of self-control towards ourselves.”

33. “The knowledge of Christ which is produced by man’s own cleverness and wisdom is not a rock that can stand firm.”

34. “All regenerated ones should covet spiritual development.”

35. “Whatever is manufactured outwardly by our own effort is not real and is doomed to frustration and defeat.”

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36. “Many confuse understanding with believing.”

37. “It is not a matter of how many loaves we have in our hands, but whether or not God has blessed them.”

38. “Satan can only attack us from the outside in. He may work through the lust and sensations of the body or through the mind and emotion of the soul, for those two belong to the outward man.”

39. “Irrespective of how we physiologically are made, even possessing special weaknesses, we can overcome our sins through the Lord.”

40. “Let me say from conviction that tears are the outlet of the heart.”

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41. “The mind suffers the onslaughts of the powers of darkness more than any other organ of the whole man.”

42. “We think in terms of apostolic journeys. God dares to put His greatest ambassadors in chains.”

43. “If you perform your part, God will fulfill His.”

44. “Here is invariably a spiritual fact: Our spirit is released according to the degree of our brokenness.”

45. “Do not be impatient for impatience is of the flesh. Do not try different methods because they are useful solely in helping the flesh. We must distrust the flesh entirely.”

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46. “How much in our prayers is self completely forgotten and the will of the Lord is alone the thing that is sought?”

47. “Fellowship means among other things that we are ready to receive of Christ from others. Other believers minister Christ to me, and I am ready to receive.”

48. “How many of us dare not use our time or money or talents as we would, because we realise they are the Lord’s, not ours?”

49. “Even in a time of desperation the flesh continues to scheme and to search for a loophole. It never has the sense of utter dependency. This alone can be a test whereby a believer may know whether or not a work is of the flesh.”

50. “Baptism is an outward expression of an inward faith.”

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51. “All satanic works are performed from the outside inward; all divine works from the inside outward.”

52. “Prayer is work. The experiences of many children of God demonstrate that it accomplishes far more than does any other form of work. It is also warfare, for it is one of the weapons in fighting the enemy. However, only prayer in the spirit is genuinely effectual.”

53. “Unless the believer offers his soul life to death, he shall cultivate that life, incur the displeasure of God, and miss the fruit of the Holy Spirit.”

54. “How true it is that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit intellect not only is undependable but also extremely dangerous, because it often confuses the issue of right and wrong.”

55. “True humility is able to look at God and proceed on.”

watchman nee quotes on brokenness

56. “He must wholeheartedly oppose the work of the adversary in both his soul and body.”

57. “Attempting to follow Him without denying the self is the root of all failures.”

58. “How dangerous a master human emotion is!”

59. “To assure victory we need to watch even the sound of our speech. Immediately the evil spirit touches our spirit, our voice loses its softness. A harsh, hard, and shrill utterance does not spring from the Holy Spirit; it simply exhibits the fact that the one who speaks has been poisoned already by Satan.”

60. “Whatever prayer is not according to God’s will is utterly”

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61. “Long-lasting victory can never be separated from a long-lasting stand on the foundation of the cross.”

62. “I must first have the sense of God’s possession of me before I can have the sense of His presence with me.”

63. “God’s means of delivering us from sin is not by making us stronger and stronger, but by making us weaker and weaker.”

64. “Many Christians are unaware how drastically the cross must work so that ultimately their natural power for living may be denied.”

65. “Revelation is the first step to holiness, and consecration is the second. A day must come in our lives, as definite as the day of our conversion, when we give up all right to ourselves and submit to the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ.”

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66. “This is a work which must occur at the hour of new birth-and it does happen then in the form of repentance. The original definition of repentance is none else than “a change of mind.”

67. “With fear and trembling we must rely upon God for guidance in the inner depths. This is the sole way to walk according to the spirit.”

A Must Read – Collected Works of Watchman Nee Set 3 V47-V62: 47-62 Vol by Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee started church gatherings in Fuzhou in 1922, which could be regarded as the start of the neighborhood churches. Throughout his thirty years of ministry, Nee wrote numerous books that analyzed the Bible.

He started churches all over China and organized numerous conferences to teach Bible students and church staff. Nee spent the final twenty years of his life in prison after the Communist Revolution as a result of being persecuted and put in prison for his religious beliefs. On July 30, 2009, Christopher H. Smith recognized him in the US Congress.

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