Tony Gaskins Quotes On Relationships, Success and Life

Tony Gaskins is a world-renowned life coach, author, and public speaker. He is known for his no-nonsense approach to life, and his ability to help people achieve their goals. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of Tony Gaskins Quotes on success, happiness, and relationships.

tony gaskins quotes

Tony Gaskins is a life coach, author, and motivational speaker. Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and TBN’s 700 Club. He speaks on a variety of topics such as business, success, and self-development, but he is best known for his love and relationship advice for young girls, which has earned him a large following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In 2011, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Motivating People on the Web by Under30Ceo.

54 Tony Gaskins Quotes

  1. “Don’t let your values change with society; instead let your values change society.”

2. “Embrace the struggle and let it make you stronger. It won’t last forever.”

3. “You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.”

4. “Consistency is the key! If you can’t be consistent, then you can’t be anything.”

5. “You’ll get humbled right before you’re blessed. It’s just a test to make sure you can handle what’s next.”

6. “I forgive, but I also learn a lesson. I won’t hate you, but I’ll never get close enough for you to hurt me again. I can’t let my forgiveness become foolish.”

7. “If you can’t do anything about it then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change.”

8. “Know God. Know love.”

9. “Not everyone who started with you will finish with you. Be willing to go without them if you have to.”

10. “Don’t lose yourself trying to be everything to everyone.”

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Inspirational Tony Gaskins Quotes

11. “Character is what makes a man.”

12. “Invest in yourself first. Expect nothing from no one and be willing to work for everything.”

13. “You can’t clean up your life if you’re holding onto messy people.”

14. “Make yourself a priority. No one should treat you better than you treat yourself. Love starts with you.”

15. “Don’t make excuses! Make changes!”

16. “If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.”

17. “Don’t look for someone just like you. Look for someone who has qualities you don’t have. a marriage is like a puzzle. You need someone who brings different pieces to the table.”

18. “Everything I do, although I also make a living, I’m chasing purpose, not profit.”

19. “Walk by faith! You may not know how or when it will get better but you must trust that it will get better. Everything works out for those who keep going.”

20. “I started understanding that my strength is my gentleness.”

tony gaskins quotes

Famous Positive Tony Gaskins Quotes

21. “Let a person show themselves worthy of your trust and respect before you give them full access to your life.”

22. “Let your pain birth your purpose. Let your mess become your message. Let this be a stepping-stone and not a stumbling block. Change”

23. “A real relationship is like a river; the deeper it gets the less noise it makes.”

24. “Not everyone will have the heart you have. Not everyone will appreciate you and what you do for them. Sometimes it won’t be easy having a kind heart in a cruel world. Be prepared.”

25. “Being with one woman in a faithful relationship will cause you to be the happiest version of yourself.”

26. “I like to see that a person has done what they are teaching. We live in a world of broke financial advisors, of single matchmakers.. I do my due diligence. If you can’t implement it in your own life, then something is missing.”

27. “You can give a person knowledge but you can’t make them think. Some people want to remain fools, only because the truth requires change.”

28. “The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.”

29. “Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it’ll take their breath away.”

30. “Not everyone will appreciate your good heart. Some will accept your kindness and disrespect you in return. Don’t let those people make you bitter and cold. Love them from a distance if need be.”

Motivational Tony Gaskins Quotes

31. “Don’t talk yourself out of what you deserve.”

32. “What you want and what you need may be two different things, but what you want and what you need should be the same things. Want what you need, not what you want.”

33. “A woman shouldn’t have to give a man her body to get his heart.”

34. “The closer you get to excellence in your life, the more friends you’ll lose. People love you when you are average, because it makes them comfortable. But when you pursue greatness, it makes people uncomfortable. Be prepared to lose some people on your journey.”

35. “Be willing to go alone. Many who started with you won’t finish with you.”

36. “Develop strength and control at an early age and embrace love coupled with a selfless heart. Only then, will you find true peace in your heart and begin the journey to the best version of yourself and the best days of your life.”

37. “Block negativity. You don’t have to endure nonsense; confront it, then remove it from your life. Own your happiness and never put it up for auction.”

38. “It’s not worth the anger. Energy is everything. Be careful where you spend your energy because you won’t get that time back.”

39. “Man up and settle down. The sooner a man can gain control, identify his wife, and be faithful to her, the more successful, and happy you will be in life.”

40. “Love is a learned behavior. If you don’t learn how to love yourself someone will teach you how to hate yourself.”

Tony Gaskins Quotes To Live By

41. “I believe you should seek to understand and then be understood.”

42. “Even at your best, someone will have something negative to say. Pursue greatness anyways!”

43. “I was ignorant to the world around me, so I didn’t know my limitations… So I had no limitations.”

44. “The best way to dream is with your eyes open and feet moving.”

45. “Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.”

46. “It’s time to face the mirror. Then do something with the truth that’s revealed.”

47. “Life is too precious to waste it with the wrong person. You’re better off alone until the right one comes along.”

48. “Separation before elevation. You have to let some people and things go so you can go to the next level.”

49. “I had to learn how to be faithful. When I was dating around and moving from woman to woman, I did not understand and know how to be faithful. Subsequently, once I entered into marriage, I had to learn how to be with one woman. For me, that was the biggest challenge of all.”

50. “Live your own truth and it won’t matter how many lies they tell about you. The truth will prove itself.”

51. “The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.”

52. “Some things you just won’t understand until it happens to you.”

53. “There’s about to be a shift in your life. Get ready for your blessings. You’ve been through enough and a breakthrough is on the way. Don’t doubt it, just claim it!”

54. “When you truly love yourself, you don’t have enemies. They may hate you but you’re too big to hate them back.”

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