Tom Hardy Quotes About Life, Happiness and Success

“I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.” – Tom Hardy

50 Tom Hardy Quotes

tom hardy quotes

1. “It doesn’t matter who you are. What matters is your plan.”

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2. “Being alone for a while is dangerous. It’s addicting. Once you see how peaceful it is, you don’t want to deal with people anymore.”

3. “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger.”

4. “Responsibility has a cost, and there’s no such thing as perfection.”

5. “Maybe it’s a little ambitious of me to presume that no matter how big the film is, that I can always go down to the shop to buy a pint of milk.”

6. “The funny thing is when you don’t let people disrespect you, they start calling you difficult.”

7. “Spirituality seems to me to be for those who’ve been through hell.”

8. “We are survivors. We control the fear. And without fear, we are all as good as dead.”

9. “It is not the violence that sets a man apart, it is the distance he is prepared to go.”

10. “Vanity is normal in performers. Does it bother other people? All the time. But 9 times out of 10, that says more about them than you.”

Inspirational Tom Hardy Quotes

11. “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.”

12. “A great man is largely forgotten by the public. He doesn’t stand on top of a mountain waving a flag saying, ‘Look at me—I’m a great man.’ A great man often disappears into the ether.”

13. “I hate publicists and publicity. But I love people.”

14. “There’s always a certain pride in getting a job done properly.”

15. “I didn’t understand how you could do something which is so much fun and be so miserable doing it.”

16. “Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend? And usually, it comes far too late.”

17. “There’s a long way to go on that, but I do believe that the time is now.”

18. “Within the creative arts, you can create things and destroy things. Passion creates and destroys.”

19. “I had no immediate knowledge of the world or Batman at all. I’m quite incubated. I just keep myself to myself and my dog.”

20. “You know too much psychology when you can’t get mad at people because you understand everyone’s reason for doing everything.”

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21. “I had a huge imagination. My granddad says I was a bit of a Walter Mitty character.”

22. “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

23. “I wanted my dad to be proud of me, and I fell into acting because there wasn’t anything else I could do, and in it I found a discipline that I wanted to keep coming back to, that I love and I learn about every day.”

24. “My job is to show and tell. If I get better at showing and telling then presumably I get hired more.”

25. “The characters I’ve played have been mostly violent, and I’m so far from being violent or aggressive.”

26. “I have a very busy head. I have inside voices that I have learned to contain.”

27. “If you look around Hollywood there’s no end of white smiles and six packs. Long lines of beautiful people lining up to be incredible on film.”

28. “There’s an abundance of exposure when you start working in American films. Inevitably you become a brand and that has to be controlled.”

29. “Being an only child, I didn’t have any other family but my mom and dad really, since the rest of my family lived quite far away from London.”

30. “I’m not interested in walks in the parks. Anything difficult that people think I couldn’t play, I’m straight at it. If they say ‘Tom, don’t put your hand in the fire’, you know I’ll be coming out of casualty an hour later with third-degree burns and bandages up my arms.”

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31. “I am the one that runs from both the living and the dead. Hunted by scavengers, haunted by those I could not protect. So I exist in this wasteland, reduced to one instinct: survive.”

32. “There’s two types of acting: convincing and not convincing. People describe me as intense. It’s because I care. I am a pain in the ass because I care. Do I know what I’m doing? No. Do I have the best of intentions? Yes. Does that lead to hell? Sometimes.”

33. “The difference between all actors, is that everyone is different, unique. To be successful in this profession, you need a lot of luck and enormous hard work.”

34. “I think it’s important that you always transform if you can. That’s what I was trained to do. You try and hide yourself as much as you can – that’s the key to longevity.“

35. “Thanks for all the wonderful paintings and drawings and writings. I am very honoured to have your support, and love you for the energy and the inspiring work and comments that you bring to the table.”

36. “The only thing I can do is wipe my arse, brush my teeth, turn up and do the best work I can.”

37. “I get hired more then I get seen more. I get seen more then maybe celebrity and fame happens but at the end of the day there’s no difference between my five dollar performance and my fifty million dollar performance.”

38. “I’m going to fail to hit the mark I’ve put up before me because it’s not possible to hit it. I want to be the best at what I do so I’ve got to get over myself already because that’s never going to happen. I ain’t ever going to be God.”

39. “If you’re lucky like me, your relationship with your brother has resolved itself on the peaceful side of the fence and has stayed there. But if you’re someone who’s got a family that’s all fractured and finding it hard to relate, that’s a very sad place to be.”

40. “There’s something that’s very human about ‘Warriors’ that brings you out. You’re watching the movie and, yeah, there’s fighting, there’s a tournament at the end of the movie, but it takes a long time to get to know these people.”

Thought-Provoking Tom Hardy Quotes

41. “Weak people always have to be in a relationship so they can feel important and loved. Once you start enjoying your own company, being single becomes a privilege.

42. “I’m never lost in a character, ever. Everything is absolutely articulated and worked out and there’s no room for error. The only thing there is room for is inspiration in the moment because you’ve done your homework up to that point.”

43. We’re all flawed human beings and we all have a cauldron of psychosis which we have to unravel as we grow older and find the way we fit in to live our lives as best as possible.”

44. Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”

45. “The only thing I can do is wipe my arse, brush my teeth, turn up, and do the best work I can.”

46. “I don’t like it when people say, ‘Well, you should have expected that when you accepted the job as an actor.’ When you go to drama school, no one gives you a class on fame. Just treat people how you wish to be treated.”

47. “Jiu jitsu is very Buddhist. All that we fear we hold close to ourselves to survive. So if you’re drowning and you see a corpse floating by, hang on to it because it will rescue you.”

48. “Whatever character you play, remember they are always doing something. They are not just talking. They are alive; going through a drama in which they will go through some sort of dramatic human experience.”

49. “When I was nine, I ran in a school race, and I suddenly realized I was in the lead. I looked at the finish line, and just freaked out, then ran to the side as if I’d hurt myself. It was everything to do with the fear of success.”

50. “I identify with having strong, powerful female influences in my life. Do you think that women are fairly represented in screenplays, film, TV, and theatre today? Or do you think there should be better parts for women than just girlfriend and wife or lover? Because I’m bored with that.”

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