The top 15 tips to consider when buying a new Laptop. 

Looking thirty to forty years back, wasn’t having a desktop in your home enough? We never felt that something could be better than a desktop. But yes, now we are here in 2020, searching for the best laptops in the market.  

Though the desktop computer still has its value, people are more interested nowadays in getting a laptop rather than a desktop. Whether you are a professional user or a regular one, you know how important a laptop is for you. Portability may be one of the main causes behind it.  

The widespread acceptability and utility of laptops have given rise to a range of laptops with varieties of special functionalities extending the growth of laptops from the cheapest to the costliest device you can have.  

Do you think the higher the price of a laptop is, the better it is? If yes, you need to rethink on this.  

If you are planning to get a new laptop you need to surely lookup for a buying guide for laptops before you spend a lofty amount on it. With the ever-evolving technology, a buying guide for a laptop is your best buddy.  

With us, you will get to see all the aspects to look at while finding out the laptops that would suit you the best.  

So, let us start with our buying guide for laptop 2020 so that you can get nothing but the best fit in the minimum budget. 

             The top 15 tips to consider when buying a new Laptop. 

1.Your budget shows you the zone 

In this digital era, when you go for market research regarding the price of laptops you will surely be shocked to see its varying range. So, you must decide your budget before you delve into the market. Getting your budget straight will help you in deciding which group of laptops you need to look into.  

Our buyers’ guide for laptops would suggest that if you are low in budget, you should better not waste time on laptops with highly sophisticated features. On the other hand, if you can get a bit spendy, you can surely explore the most recently launched laptops with multiple new features.  

We found that laptops are widely used by college students. Every year, millions of college students choose to buy a laptop. If you are among them, then our laptop buying guide for college students would suggest that along with getting your budget straightened, you also need to sort out in which field do you want to use your laptop.  

Do you want it for gaming? Or is it for the development of apps or other such things? Once you decide this, you will know if you have to look for a laptop with better graphics or a faster processor or both.  

2. Check for the CPU before anything

Looking for the best laptop starts by looking into the CPU of the laptops. Who wants to get stuck with a laptop which is as slow as a tortoise? Everyone looks for a faster one. It is the CPU that gives the laptop its speed. So, our laptop buying guide tells you to first choose the CPU you want.  

The two brands which are trendy for giving laptops the highest speed CPU are – Intel and AMD. However, the better the CPU gets, the better is its speed and costlier it is. Though both Intel and AMD give an impressive performance, Intel is, of course, costlier.  

So, if budget is not a problem for you, our buying guide for laptops would suggest you go for the highest generation Intel CPU. If you are a bit low on budget and ready to compromise with the speed of your laptop for just a bit, you can surely go for a lower generation Intel CPU. Of course, AMD is the best budget-friendly CPUs you can get without compromising much with the quality. 

3. Never miss out to check out the RAM 

Guide to buying a laptop

For getting the best speed you must also look into RAM. RAM is the physical memory for laptops. The better the RAM is the more speed your laptop can achieve. But alongside this, of course, it defines the memory you have on your laptop. So, our laptop buying guides don’t suggest you to always go for higher memory RAM.  

You can even do away without the highest memory RAM pretty smoothly if you are not using it for high physical memory functions like gaming. But it is always advisable that you have a minimum RAM for the smooth running of your laptop functions. 

4. Do spend time on deciding for the hard-disk you need  

The hard-disk stores all your data. So, what capacity of hard-disk suits you best, totally depends on the purpose you are using your laptop for. Let’s make it easy with an example. If you are a gamer, you can need to have extensive hard-disk space.  

On the other hand, if you deal with the paperwork and have the habit of storing your data in clouds, you can go for lower hard-disk space. The higher the hard-disk space you opt for, the higher is its price. So, before you spend a lofty amount of money in the hard-disk, our buyers guide for laptops would suggest you look if it’s worth it.  

5. Graphic Processor is a must lookout for gamers

The picture quality your laptop provides is purely determined by the Graphic Processor Unit. So if you are willing to experience HD or Full HD resolution you need to look for high-performance graphic units. Nowadays, most of the latest Intel Core Processors come with the very impressive graphics unit integrated within it.  

Our buying guide for laptop 2020 would suggest that, if you wasn’t the finest resolution, get aware of the best graphics unit available in the current market and compare it with the integrated graphics unit. Discrete graphic units can get expensive- so before you go for it, make sure it is worth your usage. 

6. The battery capacity is important for everyone

A laptop is a portable device, and this is one of the many reasons it is popular for. If you are using a laptop, would you like to run for a plug-in point every time? You would surely not want to buy a laptop where you need to panic every time you run it on battery.  

So, our laptop buying guide suggests that you must pay attention to the battery capacity of your laptop before buying. Battery longevity does not only depend on how costly it is, but it also depends on how you maintain your laptop.  

7. The screen size and type are an obvious lookout

The most appealing part of the laptop is its screen which includes the screen size, screen operation, screen resolution, and many more. Nowadays laptops come up with the smallest screen size of about 14 inches. The screen size you should go for depends pretty much on the way you are using it.  

If you are planning to use your laptop for gaming or activities related to video it’s better if you opt for a bigger screen which can be around 17 inches. But if your laptop is for basic activities like paper works you can do away with smaller screen size too.  

However, if you are not sure about what purpose you would like to use your laptop for, our buying guide for laptops would suggest that you should go for a medium-sized screen which is around 12.5 to 14 inches, as this gives you the best balance. We believe, when you are opting for a laptop instead of a desktop, you would surely like it to be easily portable. So, we don’t suggest you get the highest screen size unless you need it.  

Many laptops nowadays come up with touch-screen facility. Of course, you can go for it if you like easy functionality. The other factor that becomes a must outlook for you as a buyer, is the screen resolution you go for. Our buyer’s guide for laptops would find HD resolution as the perfect choice. We don’t want you to get a compromised view when you can go for the best in just a few bucks. 

8. Make sure you get the design you want 

Of course, the design of a laptop holds the actual charm. Low-weight, slim and high portability is what you always want. There are also other advanced features like the fully foldable screen that you may want to go for. However, more the advanced feature you go for, costlier your laptop gets.  

Your budget can tell you how much spendy you can get with this. There’s nothing good and bad over here. Whatever be the design, the functionality of the laptop will surely not depend on that. 

9. Keyboard and touch-pad quality should be one of your look-outs: 

Our buying guide for laptops suggests that you should never ignore the keyboard and touchpad quality if you are not going for a touch-screen laptop. If you are not using a touchscreen laptop, the keyboard and touchpad do matter a lot.  

Will you ever want a squished keyboard or glitchy touch-pad? Of course not. User experience does depend much on the keyboard and touchpad. So, make sure that you don’t ignore it. 

10. The brand makes things different:  

Laptop brands do stand for the durability and the after-sell-service for your laptop. Almost every brand has laptops of all variety. So, in today’s time, just choosing a brand for getting a particular type of laptop is not always wise.  

Brand choosing should depend on your budget as well as your trust in the brand. We found that people usually go for laptop brands like Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, and many more, depending on their budget and the service quality that these brands offer. 

11. Warranty is important for you

Before buying, you must go through the warranty. Often laptop parts get costly, and so replacing them within a year of your purchase is not economical. Our buying guides for a laptop would like to suggest that you make sure that your laptop brand gives you a warranty of at least a year. 

12.Getting the Operating System of your choice

When you are picking up a new laptop you must be aware of the operating system it is using.  

Is the laptop pre-installed with an operating system? Is that the operating system you wanted? If your laptop does not come with a pre-installed operating system, it’s your part to buy the operating system of your choice. This may cost a few more bucks. 

13.Getting the connectivity is important too

This is the part which most of the new buyers miss out on. The most important part of the connectivity is the internet connection. Most of the buyers prefer using wireless internet connectivity.  

Our buyer’s guide for laptops suggests that if you are interested in wireless internet connectivity you should check for the availability of Wi-Fi 6 for a stable connection. If you are thinking of an excellent Bluetooth connection, you should go for Bluetooth 5.  

14. The port count does matter

You should always make sure that you are choosing a laptop with enough ports. You should make sure that your laptop has at least 2 ports. Our buyers’ guide for laptops would suggest that you should have 3-4 ports for a flexible attachment of external devices. If you want a faster USB transfer, then USB 3.0 port could be the best choice for you.  

15. Don’t forget to check the speakers before you buy a laptop

Laptops do often come up with unsatisfying speakers. Most of the laptops come up with Dolby, Beats and other sound improvement software. But if your speaker is not good enough, no software can do magic. Our buying guide for laptops 2020 recommends that you should get a 2.1 speaker set. If you can’t get one integrated into your laptop you can go for speakers powered by USB. 

To conclude 

Nowadays, getting a laptop is both essential and tricky. If you are aware of the things you should look into while buying one, you will surely get the best. With the help of our laptop buying guide for college students, you can land on amazing laptops within your budget. So don’t wait anymore. Get to the market and find out what’s best for you! 

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