Inspiring T.D. Jakes Quotes on Life, Success and Destiny

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than T.D. Jakes quotes. This world-renowned pastor and author has plenty of wisdom to share, and his quotes are the perfect way to start your day. Whether you’re looking for motivation or guidance, Jakes’ words will help you get where you need to go.

T.D. Jakes Quotes

In 1998, Bishop T.D. Jakes founded the production company TDJ Enterprises, which produces films and television programs. Jakes has said that he started the company to create quality content that would inspire people and change their lives. The company has produced a number of films, including Woman Thou Art Loosed (2004), The Family That Preys (2008), and Jumping the Broom (2011). Jakes has also produced a number of television programs, including T.D. Jakes Presents Mind, Body, and Soul (2004) and The Potter’s House (2006).

101 T.D. Jakes Quotes

  1. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

2. “a setback is a setup for a comeback”

3. “Never make a permanent decision about a temporary situation.”

4. “You cannot be a Big person with a Small heart”

5. “When you live your own dream, you don’t have time to be a hater.”

6. “if you are the smartest person in a room, you are in the wrong room.”

7. “When you begin to realize that your past does not necessarily dictate the outcome of your future, then you can release the hurt. It is impossible to inhale new air until you exhale the old.”

8. “God will not let your needs and wants go unattended, especially when you desire to be more like Him.”

9. “Don’t let fear block God’s destiny for you.”

10. “Be strong enough to stand up again, even after haters make you drop to your knees.”

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Inspirational T.D. Jakes Quotes

11. “Fear teaches you to be cautious, careful, and conscientious. It also forces you to be creative, compassionate, and calculating.”

12. “When you hold on to your history you do it at the expense of your destiny.”

13. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it. The secret to recapturing dreams is to enjoy the pursuit of the dream, rather than to focus on the outcome.”

14. “If you don’t invest in you, you’ll soon find that no one else will, either.”

15. “My greatest fear is not living before I die, to play everything so safe that even though I had no risk I also enjoyed no reward.”

16. “Big ideas come from forward thinking people who challenge the norm, think outside the box, and invent the world they see inside rather than submitting to the limitations of current dilemmas”

17. “Things that are covered don’t heal well.”

18. “Share your dream with people who want you to succeed.”

19. “God lets you go through challenges to give you credibility in a certain area and the ability to help someone else out of a situation that you once were in.”

20. “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

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Famous T.D. Jakes Quotes

21. “Accept the process. Your blessing is already ready. It’s already done. God is getting you ready for the blessing, preparing you for your destiny.”

22. “To be unforgiving is like to drink poison and wait for someone else to die!!

23. “The moment you start to embrace how you have been formed and fashioned is the moment you step into the very purpose for which you were created.”

24. “Preparation is never time wasted. You cannot have great recitals, if you have poor rehearsals.”

25. “The very key to knowing your purpose is discovering and celebrating your personal identity.”

26. “Progress apart from purpose ends in arrogance.”

27. “One of the great healing balms of the Holy Spirit is forgiveness. To forgive is to break the link between you and your past.”

28. “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.”

29. “Nobody likes hard times, but it’s the unpleasant experiences that are often the catalysts to build the character required for our destiny.”

30. “Divorce is not merely separating; it is the tearing apart of what was once joined together.”

T.D. Jakes Quotes On Life

31. “If you stick your head in the sand and ignore things that you have the power to change, you can’t blame anyone when they don’t turn out right!”

32. “We all set out to make a difference in the world, but the first step is to achieve the less lofty goal of changing your own world.”

33. “When ideas hang out with influence, income will always emerge.”

34. “Even in the moments of your greatest anguish, you often find unexpected blessings alongside and commingled with your losses.”

35. “No woman wants to be in submission to a man who isn’t in submission to God!”

36. “Renew your mind get rid of limiting beliefs.”

37. “We are to work to improve ourselves while at the same time remaining totally dependent on God.”

38. “You cannot embrace destiny if you do not let go of your history.” 

39. “When there’s no turning back, your instincts will lead you forward.”

T.D. Jakes Quotes on Faith

40. “A whole woman will always attract a whole man. And when they touch, they will fuse to create a whole marriage. Ultimately, when the time is right, they will produce whole children.”

41. “Each day is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Him.”

42. “It’s not selfish to prioritize your life to fulfill Destiny. It’s actually the most selfless thing you can do. God has an appointment for you to serve humanity in the greatest way possible for you.”

43. The art of avoiding extremes is an art that is drawn on the canvas of maturity and painted with the abstract strokes of many experiences.”

44. “You never know what you might discover by thinking outside the box that culture, conformity, and critics have tried to impose.”

45. “Blame unto others only as you would first blame yourself.”

46. “Don’t mistake delays for destiny, you may be delayed but you have not been denied.” 

47. “As you assess your current location and motivation for being an entrepreneur, do not be discouraged by the size or number of obstacles in your path. If you can catch a vision for it then God can do it!”

48. “Destiny is not for comfort seekers. Destiny is for the daring and determined who are willing to endure some discomfort, delay gratification, and go where Destiny leads.”

49. “People tend to glorify the past, especially when they are struggling with the future.”

50. “You cannot partake of the power of Christ’s resurrection unless you are first willing to lay down your own will and desires, and die to all your pride and independence.”

Positive T.D. Jakes Quotes

51. “It’s better to gather in righteousness than fellowship with darkness.”

52. “I think it is important that we rebuild an atmosphere of forgiveness and civility in every aspect of our lives.” 

53. “One cannot have an enriched marriage when it is funded by an emotionally and spiritually bankrupt man.”

54. “There is no success like the success of a man who had to persevere in order to receive it. People appreciate the victory when they have to walk it out.”

56. “It is important to remember that for every person, there will be a problem. Even more importantly, for every problem, our God has a prescription!”

57. “Never settle for less than God’s best for your life.”

58. “Its not over, until the Lord says its over.”

59. “Once you have confidence in your instincts, you must never allow other people’s refusal to believe, or their data to refute, what you instinctively know is true.”

60. “A church that focuses on the external has lost its passion for souls.”

T.D. Jakes Motivational Quotes

61. “You face your greatest opposition when you’re closet to your biggest miracle.”

62. “You’d be surprised at the things that look great on the outside but are dysfunctional on the inside. Be sure to function as good as you look”

63. “Could it be that we allow the conditions in our lives to distract us from the meaning of our lives?”

64. “You can be the most grateful person in the world, but if you have not arrived at the place God wants you to be, to do the thing God has destined you and only you to do, that longing will never go away.”

65. “Too many people want the appearance of winning rather than the practice and hard work that creates a true champion.”

66. “Street cred is hard won and Destiny requires you to pay it forward. God helps you through hard times so you can help someone else.”

67. “Avoid getting into isolated groups because you will miss the move of God. Shun cliques because they are the bundles. Endeavor to stay in the mainstream of the move of God.”

68. “The finished product you see on the peaks is the end result of the resurrection in the valley.”

69. “We are the people that we have been waiting for and no one else is coming.”

70. “Jealousy is the manifestation of insecurity and dissatisfaction with one’s calling and self-worth.”

T.D. Jakes Quotes To Live By

71. “Don’t be limited by people who despise your growth, they want you to remain the same so they will feel comfortable.”

72. “There is a difference between discussion and argument. A discussion airs the issues, but an argument alleges charges and appoint blame.”

73. “He wants you to offer hope to those being crushed and struggling to understand.”

74. “When your life is not in order, you feel discomfort.”

75. “Silence isn’t golden and it surely doesn’t mean consent, so start practicing the art of communication.”

76. “Instinct and purpose often operate like a marriage.”

77. “The fact that you yearn for more doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful for what you have or that you’re greedy. It means you have a higher calling. The yearning inside calls you.”

78. “Unforgiveness denies the victim the possibility of parole and leaves them stuck in the prison of what was, incarcerating them in their trauma and relinquishing the chance to escape beyond the pain.”

79. “It’s okay to be fearful, but don’t let the fear keep you from flying!”

80. “When you’re in trouble, God will reach into the mess and pull you out.”

Mind-Changing T.D. Jakes Quotes

81. “It’s miserable living someone else’s life, and it is downright suffocating to live beneath your potential.”

82. “Others can inspire you, but ultimately the only thing that empowers you is what lies within you and learning how to better utilize what you’ve been given.”

83. “Remember that for every problem you face, Heaven has a divine prescription. God has a command of authority that you can bring against your present condition!”

84. “What woman would not appreciate a God who becomes her attorney, assumes her case, requires no fee, and wins her the victory?”

85. “A father is an image of a young man’s destiny, a living testimony of what time may bring to pass.”

86. “Face the giants in your life, slay them, and move on. Do not be daunted by the mistakes and failures in your life.”

87. “Regardless of the obstacle in your life, there is a wind from God that can bring you out. Let the wind of the Lord blow down every spirit of fear and heaviness that would cause you to give up on what God has promised you.”

88. “How you think about your opportunities determines how you will act on them.”

“Don’t let what people think stop you.”

89. “The slower journey allows time for maturity and experience to shape you into the person who comfortably fits into your destiny.”

Thought-Provoking T.D. Jakes Quotes

90. “If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to heaven is paved with relentless faith.”

91. “Greatness inspires greatness. Creativity inspires creativity. When you align yourself with people who inspire you and help draw out the best in you, you find your best self.”

92. “We have a tendency to want the other person to be a finished product while we give ourselves the grace to evolve.” 

93. “Surround yourself with people whose definition of you is not based on your history but your destiny.”

94. “No matter how strong we are, there is always something that can cause the heart to flutter and the pulse to weaken.”

95. “Hardship can humble you, but it cannot break you unless you let it. Your instinct for survival will see you through if you’re attuned to its frequency. Instinct will find a temporary stopgap without ever taking its sights off your larger goals. There’s no greater way to hone your instincts than to overcome adversity.”

96. “The time to shift your priorities in the direction of Destiny is never convenient. There will always be a reason to put it off until later.”

97. “Excellence requires discomfort.”

98. “If you think down, you will go down. If you think up, you will go up. You’ll always travel in the direction of your thinking.”

99. “Blame unto others only as you would first blame yourself.”

100. “The most dangerous thing in the world is to have no purpose.”

101. “Forgiveness is about empowering yourself, rather than empowering your past.”

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