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Pope Francis is a popular religious figure, and his quotes are often shared on social media. His words are often inspiring, and they offer wisdom on a variety of topics. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best Pope Francis quotes.

pope francis quotes

Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on December 17, 1936, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church, elected on March 13, 2013. He is the first Jesuit priest to be elected Pope, and the first from the Americas. Pope Francis is known for his humility, his concern for the poor, and his commitment to dialogue. 

Pope Francis has made headlines since he took office, with his progressive stances on social issues and his calls for reform in the Catholic Church. He has also been praised for his humility and his focus on helping the poor.

 In September 2015, Francis traveled to the United States, making stops in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. He delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress, became the first pope to address the United Nations General Assembly, and visited the 9/11 Memorial.

80 Pope Francis Quotes

  1. “No one can grow if he does not accept his smallness.”

2. “Situations can change, people can change. Be the first to seek to bring good. Do not grow accustomed to evil, but defeat it with good.”

3. “Where there is truth, there is also light, but don’t confuse light with the flash.”

4. “God’s image is the married couple, a man and woman, together. Not just the man. Not just the woman. No, both of them. That’s God’s image.”

5. “If we start without confidence, we have already lost half the battle and we bury our talents.”

6. “Life flows through our relations with others.”

7. “Truth, according to the Christian faith, is God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. Therefore, truth is a relationship.”

8. “Whenever we encounter another person in love, we learn something new about God.”

9. “Often it is better simply to slow down, to put aside our eagerness in order to see and listen to others, to stop rushing from one thing to another and to remain with someone who has faltered along the way.”

10. “We can get angry: it’s even healthy to get angry from time to time.”

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Inspiring Pope Francis Quotes

11. “For me it’s clear: we must redesign the economy so that it can offer every person access to a dignified existence while protecting and regenerating the natural world.”

12. “If we are to come out of this crisis less selfish than we went in, we have to let ourselves be touched by others’ pain.”

13. “The warmth of the family that grows, love that is not the love of a romance novel. It is true love. Being in love your whole life with all the problems there are…. But being in love.”

14. “Let us sing as we go. May our struggles and our concern for this planet never take away the joy of our hope.”

15. “When Man ceases to worship God he does not worship nothing but worships everything.”

16. “God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy.”

17. “We need to remember and remind ourselves where we come from, what we are, our nothingness.”

18. “All of us have in ourselves something of the wounded man, something of the robber, something of the passersby, and something of the Good Samaritan.”

19. “No single act of love will be lost, no generous effort is meaningless, no painful endurance is wasted. All of these encircle our world like a vital force.”

20. “We don’t have to expect everything from those who govern us; that would be juvenile.”

best Pope Francis Quotes

Famous Pope Francis Quotes

21. “Sin is more than a stain. Sin is a wound; it needs to be treated, healed. The place where my encounter with the mercy of Jesus takes place is my sin.”

22. “Living together is an art. It’s a patient art, it’s a beautiful art, it’s fascinating.”

23. “This blessed place brings us back to our origins. We seem to have returned home.”

24. “Certain truths in life can only be seen with eyes cleansed by tears.”

25. “People are looking for someone to listen to them. Someone willing to grant them time, to listen to their dramas and difficulties. This is what I call the “apostolate of the ear,” and it is important. Very important. I feel compelled to say to confessors: talk, listen with patience, and above all tell people that God loves them.”

26. “The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven, and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.”

27. “Justice on its own is not enough. With mercy and forgiveness, God goes beyond justice, he subsumes it and exceeds it in a higher event in which we experience love, which is at the root of true justice.”

28. “Our culture has lost its sense of God’s tangible presence and activity in our world.”

29. “It is not progressive to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life.”

30. “We are impressed that some eight hundred years ago Saint Francis urged that all forms of hostility or conflict be avoided and that a humble and fraternal “subjection” be shown to those who did not share his faith.”

Positive Pope Francis Quotes

31. “For if we destroy creation, creation will destroy us.”

32. “God forgives not with a decree but with a caress. Jesus too goes beyond the law and forgives by caressing the wounds of our sins.”

33. “The language of the Spirit, the language of the Gospel, is the language of communion that invites us to get the better of closedness and indifference, division and antagonism.”

34. “This is the struggle of every person: be free or be a slave.”

35. “We learn that in our restlessness and frustration, in our fascination with new things, in craving recognition in manic busyness, we had failed to pay attention to the suffering all around us.”

36. “When no one is to blame, everyone is to blame”

37. “It cannot be maintained that empirical science provides a complete explanation of life, the interplay of all creatures and the whole of reality.”

38. “The truth is not grasped as a thing; the truth is encountered. It is not a possession; it is an encounter with a Person.”

39. “Corruption is the gangrene of a people.”

40. “The media only writes about the sinners and the scandals, he said, but that’s normal, because ‘a tree that falls makes more noise than a forest that grows.”

Thought-Provoking Pope Francis Quotes

41. “We gorged ourselves on networking, and lost the taste of fraternity.”

42. “Spreading the Gospel means that we are the first to proclaim and live the reconciliation, forgiveness, peace, unity, and love that the Holy Spirit gives us.”

43. “One who believes may not be presumptuous; on the contrary, truth leads to humility, because believers know that, rather than ourselves possessing truth, it is truth that embraces and possesses us.”

44. “Once capital becomes an idol that presides over a socioeconomic system, it enslaves us, sets us at odds with each other, excludes the poor, and endangers the planet we all share.”

45. “You can, you must try to seek God in every human life. Although the life of a person is a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God.”

46. “A crisis is almost always the result of a self-forgetting, and the way forward comes through recalling our roots.”

47. “We have only one heart, and the same wretchedness which leads us to mistreat an animal will not be long in showing itself in our relationships with other people. Every act of cruelty towards any creature is contrary to human dignity.”

48. “We should recognize how in a culture where each person wants to be bearer of his or her own subjective truth, it becomes difficult for citizens to devise a common plan which transcends individual gain and personal ambitions.”

49. “Truth is a relationship. As such, each one of us receives the truth and expresses it from within, that is to say, according to one’s own circumstances, culture, and situation in life.”

50. “joy is the salt of the earth and the light of the world. It is the yeast that leavens society as a whole.”

Pope Francis Quotes to Live By

51. “We have only one heart, and the same wretchedness which leads us to mistreat an animal will not be long in showing itself in our relationships with other people.”

52. “We must not focus on occupying the spaces where power is exercised, but rather on starting long-run historical processes. We must initiate processes rather than occupy spaces.”

53. “Migration is not a threat to Christianity except in the minds of those who benefit from claiming it is.”

54. “The time has come to pay renewed attention to reality and the limits it imposes; this in turn is the condition for a more sound and fruitful development of individuals and society.”

55. “I think this is truly the most wonderful experience we can have: to belong to a people walking, journeying through history together with our Lord, who walks among us! We are not alone; we do not walk alone. We are part of the one flock of Christ that walks together.”

56. “it is the heart itself that must be converted to God, and the Holy Spirit transforms it when we open ourselves to him.”

57. “If our hearts are closed, if our hearts are made of stone, the stones find their way into our hands and we are ready to throw them.”

58. “Finally an evangelizing community is filled with joy; it knows how to rejoice always.”

59. “I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.”

Pope Francis Quotes on Humanity

60. “Indifference is dangerous, whether innocent or not.”

61. “When does a formulation of thought cease to be valid? When it loses sight of the human or even when it is afraid of the human or deluded about itself.”

62. “The most important thing in the life of every man and every woman is not that they should never fall along the way. The important thing is always to get back up, not to stay on the ground licking your wounds.”

63. “God is in everyone’s life. Even if the life of a person has been a disaster, even if it is destroyed by vices, drugs, or anything else—God is in this person’s life. You can, you must try to seek God in every human life.”

64. “God does not wait for us to go to him, but it is he who moves toward us, without calculation, without quantification.”

65. “Our faith in Christ, who became poor, and was always close to the poor and the outcast, is the basis of our concern for the integral development of society’s most neglected members.”

66. “The Church preaches more with its hands than with its words.”

67. “The Church does not exist to condemn people but to bring about an encounter with the visceral love of God’s mercy.”

68. “Being a Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction.”

69. “There is a great danger in remembering the guilt of others in order to proclaim my own innocence.”

More Pope Francis Quotes

70. “The media’s way of putting things, in black and white, is a sinful tendency that always favors conflict over unity.”

71. “It’s in silence that the capacity for listening is born, the capacity for understanding, trying to understand, suffering when you can’t understand.”

72. “Francis shows himself as a witness more than a teacher. He is teaching because he is a witness, and being a witness, he reveals himself.”

73. “The most important thing in the life of every man and every woman is not that they should never fall along the way. The important thing is always to get back up, not to stay on the ground licking your wounds.”

74. “We are faced not with two separate crises, one environmental and the other social, but rather with one complex crisis which is both social and environmental.”

75. “Those who have stood up for centuries to denounce injustice and inequality have often established a direct connection between the political message and spirituality.”

76. “It is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. In a way, the traditional. Notion of God is outdated. One can be spiritual but not religious. It is not necessary to go to church and give money — for many, nature can be a church. Some of the best people in history do not believe in God, while some of the worst deeds were done in His name.”

77. “We are more alone than ever in an increasingly massified world that promotes individual interests and weakens the communitarian dimension of life.”

78. “What a beautiful truth of faith this is for our lives: the mercy of God! God’s love for us is so great, so deep; it is an unfailing love, one which always takes us by the hand and supports us, lifts us up and leads us on.”

79. “Let’s ask the Lord for the grace of giving all of us the wisdom to trust only in him, not in things, in human strength, only in him”

80. “Love is the greatest power for the transformation of reality because it pulls down the walls of selfishness and fills the ditches that keep us apart.”

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