Ibrahim Traore Quotes From The Russia–Africa Summit 2023

“Homeland or death, we will prevail!” – Ibrahim Traore

Famous Ibrahim Traore Quotes

ibrahim traore QUOTES
  1. “we are the forgotten peoples of the world.”

2. “A slave who does not fight for his freedom is not worthy of any indulgence.”

3. “We African heads of state must stop acting like marionettes who dance each time the imperialists pull on our strings.”

4. “In this struggle, valiant people from 20 populations have pledged to take up arms in the face of terrorism.”

5. “This we affectionately call the VDP of volunteers. We are surprised to see the imperialists calling these VDPs militias and all kinds of things.”

6. “It is disappointing because, in Europe, when people take up arms to defend their homeland, they are called patriots. Our grandfathers were deported to save Europe. It was not with their consent, [it was] against their will. Well, on returning, we remember well that at Thiaroye, when they wanted to claim their basic rights, they were massacred.” – Ibrahim Traore

7. “It doesn’t matter, then, that when we, the people, decide to defend ourselves, we’re called a militia.” 

8. “Glory to our peoples, dignity to our peoples, victory to our peoples. Homeland or death, we shall conquer! Thank you, comrades!”

9. “My generation does not understand this: How can Africa, which has so much wealth, become the poorest continent in the world today?”

10. “We have been receiving French aid for 63 years, yet our country has not developed, so cutting it off from us now will not kill us, rather it will motivate us to work and rely on ourselves.”

Revolutionary Ibrahim Traore Quotes

11. “The questions my generation is asking are the following. If I can summarize, it is that we do not understand how Africa, with so much wealth on our soil, with generous nature, water, sunshine in abundance—how Africa is today the poorest continent.”   

12. “Africa is a hungry continent. And how come there are heads of state all over the world begging?” 

13. “I won’t be long. Time is very short. We have to stop at a certain point. But I would like to finish by saying that we must therefore pay tribute to our peoples, to our peoples who are fighting.”

14. “These are the questions we are asking ourselves, and we have no answers so far.”

15. “The problem is seeing African heads of state who bring nothing to peoples who are struggling, but who sing the same thing as the imperialists, calling us “militia,” and therefore referring to us as men who do not respect human rights.”

16. “Slavery continues to be imposed upon us. Our ancestors have taught us one thing: the slave who is not able to take up his own revolt does not deserve our support for his destiny.”

17. “We have the opportunity to forge new relationships, and I hope that these relationships can be the best ones to give our peoples a better future.”

2023 Russia–Africa Summit Ibrahim Traore Quotes

31. “We are the forgotten peoples of the world. And we are here now to talk about the future of our countries, about how things will be tomorrow in the world that we are seeking to build, and in which there will be no interference in our internal affairs.”

19. “My generation does not understand this: how can Africa, which has so much wealth, become the poorest continent in the world today? And why African leaders travel the world to beg,”

20. “As far as what concerns Burkina Faso today, for more than eight years we’ve been confronted with the most barbaric, the most violent form of imperialist neo-colonialism.”

21. “Slavery continues to impose itself on us. Our predecessors taught us one thing: a slave who cannot assume his own revolt does not deserve to be pitied.”

22. “We do not feel sorry for ourselves, we do not ask anyone to feel sorry for us. The people of Burkina Faso have decided to fight, to fight against terrorism, in order to relaunch their development.”

23. “I would also like to apologise to the elders. Please, forgive me if I have wronged you in any way. My generation is asking many questions without getting any answers, but we feel at home, in our family here.”

24. “We must ensure that our countries are self-sufficient, including as regards food supplies, and can meet all of the needs of our peoples.”

Inspiring Ibrahim Traore Quotes

25. “Russia is a family for Africa too. We are a family because we have the same history. Russia made enormous sacrifices to free the world from Nazism during the Second World War. The African people, our grandfathers, were also forcibly deported to help Europe get rid of Nazism.”

26. “We are together because now we are here to speak of the future of our peoples, about what is going to happen tomorrow in this free world to which we aspire, in this world without interference in our internal affairs.”

27. “The Burkinabé people have decided to fight—to fight against terrorism, in order to improve our development. In this fight, valiant peoples of our population have pledged to take up arms in the face of terrorism.”

28. “President Vladimir Putin announced that grain would be shipped to Africa. This is pleasing, and we say thank you for this. However, this is also a message to our African heads of state, because at the next forum, we must not come here without having ensured… the self-sufficiency of the food supply for our people. We must learn from the experience of those who have succeeded in achieving this in Africa, weaving good relations here, and weaving better relations with the Russian Federation, in order to provide for the needs of our peoples.” – Ibrahim Traore

29. “The fight we are leading is for Burkina Faso.” 

30. “The fight we are engaged in is not about power.”

31. “You have to go deep into the bush to understand certain things. … Can you imagine that we go into villages and see all the leaves on the trees have disappeared because people are eating those leaves. People even eat grass. We are proposing solutions that could allow us to produce and protect these people, we are not being heard. We proposed so many solutions and I understood that in the end, we are playing politics,” – Ibrahim Traore

About Ibrahim Traore

Ibrahim Traoré is a Burkinabé military officer who has served as the country’s interim leader since the 30 September 2022 coup that deposed interim President Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba. Traoré is the world’s youngest currently serving state leader, at the age of 34.

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