Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes To Inspire You ( Hustle and Crush it)

This is the collection of Gary Vaynerchuk quotes on everything from marketing to motivation. Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find something of value in these quotes. Gary is known for his no-nonsense approach to business and his motivational quotes have inspired many people around the world.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is the perfect example of someone who has taken their passion and turned it into a successful business. Gary is the son of immigrants who worked hard to provide for their family. 

Gary followed in his parents’ footsteps and worked hard to become a successful wine retailer. However, Gary realized that he could reach a larger audience through social media.

He started to use social media to share his passion for wine with the world. Gary’s unique approach to social media has made him a social media mogul.

In 2011, Gary published his first book, “The Thank You Economy.” The book became a bestseller, and Gary became a well-known public figure.

Since then, Gary has continued to be a successful entrepreneur

He is the co-founder of VaynerMedia, a social media marketing agency, and he has also launched several other businesses. Gary is a popular speaker and has been featured in many media outlets. 

Gary is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship and believes that anyone can achieve success if they have the right mindset and work hard.

Here are some of the best Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes to get you motivated and inspired.

60 Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes

  1. “You may not have connections, or an education, or wealth, but with enough passion and sweat, you can make anything happen.”

2. “Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”

3. “skills are cheap, passion is priceless.”

4. “Make it for your customer or your audience, not for yourself. Be generous. Be informative. Be funny.”

5. “Before you invest in yourself, you have to invest in your long-term future.”

6. “I put zero weight into anyone’s opinion about me because I know exactly who I am. Can you say the same? When”

7. “Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions.”

8. “Being cool has nothing to do with age; it has to do with how solid your identity is.”

9. “When you’re hustling, hustle with all you’ve got. When you’re sick, stop. Let it happen. Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it.”

10. “Developing your personal brand is the same thing as living and breathing your résumé”

11. “Don’t create ‘fake environments’ for your kids. They’ll fall hard later in life.”

12. “life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.”

13. “that the only thing stopping you from achieving lasting career and life happiness is you.”

14. “It takes pressure and fire to turn a lump of unremarkable metal into a finely crafted work of art.”

15. “Every interaction matters. Every relationship has value.”

16. “I’m just always looking forwards. I spend very little time, looking backwards.”

17. “Passion is an unmatched fuel. Add being happy to that and you have a wonderful formula for good health.”

18. “Desperation can be a great motivator, but it’s a lot less stressful if you plan ahead so that you never know the feeling.”

Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes

Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes on Business

19. “Good creatives love their art, but great creatives who work in business love to use their art to sell.”

20. “This business has to be your entire life, or it will die.”

21. “Your business isn’t that much different from a human body. It will run on sugar and caffeine. It will run even better if you give it water, vegetables, and a workout. But it won’t last five minutes without oxygen.”

22. “How we cultivate our relationships is often the greatest determinant of the type of life we get to live.  Business is no different.”

23. “Cash. It is the oxygen of your business.”

24. “Always put your money back into your business.”

25. “Building and sustaining community is a never-ending part of doing business.”

26. “Timing is so important, that said, positive perspective beats timing every day of the week. Many talk themselves out of the ‘time’.”

27. “Even if your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually, build smart.”

28. “If you care about the people in your life, you want them to be happy doing something they love.”

29. “There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.”

30. “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

31. “Your dreams do not have to be ‘big’, they have to be yours.”

32. “as long as you’re working for someone else you will never be living entirely true to yourself and your passion.”

33. “When you find something you like and you’re good at it, life is a lot better than when you only chase money or dwell that the system is against you.”

34. “Perfection doesn’t exist; it’s totally subjective.”

35. “Stop focusing on dumb shit. Don’t be afraid to break things. Don’t be romantic. Don’t take the time to breathe. Don’t aim for perfect. And whatever you do, keep moving. Reread this a few times . . .”

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Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes About Social Media

36. “Social media is like crack—immediately gratifying and hugely addictive.”

37. “Social media has made it possible for consumers to interact with businesses in a way that is often similar to how they interact with their friends and family.”

38. “Social media is a great tool for putting out fires, but it’s an even better tool for building brand equity and relationships with your customers.”

39. “Social marketing is now a 24-7 job.”

40. “Social Media= Business. Period.”

41. “It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half.”

42. “On Facebook, the definition of great content is not the content that makes the most sales, but the content that people most want to share with others.”

43. “the majority of brands and businesses still haven’t realized the unprecedented insight Facebook gives us into people’s lives and psychology,”

44. “Businesses can forge a direct connection between their community and their brand when they stop thinking about social media as the backup to the main events.

45. “You cannot win big in social media if you’re going to be afraid of emerging technology.”

46. “Make a statement, stake out a position, establish a voice—this is how you successfully jab your Twitter followers.”

46. . “You have to learn to prioritize properly and quickly identify what’s going to move you further ahead and what’s going to make you stall.”

48. “Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do every day for the rest of my life…do that.”

Motivational Gary Vee quotes on Life and dreams

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49. “There’s no such thing as perfect. Chasing ”Perfect” is the shortest road to not achieving it.”

50. “Too many people are scared to share their visions and thoughts in public or even in board-rooms. Having a strong vision is important for your personal brand. Don’t be afraid to say what you think. Ever. That said, don’t forget to listen, either.”

51. “A strong personal brand is your ticket to complete personal and professional freedom.”

52. “Until we clap for humility, we will not understand the foundational piece to success.”

53. “Don’t create ‘fake environments’ for your kids. They’ll fall hard later in life.”

54. “You don’t want what other people want, so why do you care about what they have?”

55. “true success—financial, personal, and professional—lies above all in loving your family, working hard, and living your passion. In telling your story.”

56. “When it comes to professional opportunities, this is the best time to be alive in the history of humankind.”

57. “It’s easy to dream about it … Much harder to execute it …. Work!”

58. “Take away a young person’s tech and you’ve taken away her lifeline to everything that matters to her.”

59. “If you’re not 100 percent happy with your life today, it is never a waste of time to try something that could get you there.”

60. “Hustle is the most important word – EVER.”

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