Famous F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes And Sayings

If you’re looking for some inspiration, or just a good laugh, check out some of F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes. You won’t be disappointed. Fitzgerald was a master of words, and his quotes are both funny and insightful. Whether you’re a fan of his work or not, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in his quotes.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1896. He was raised in a wealthy family, and his early writing was heavily influenced by his privileged upbringing. Fitzgerald’s first published work was a short story called “The Lake House,” which appeared in the magazine The Smart Set in 1914. 

Fitzgerald’s first novel, This Side of Paradise, was published in 1920 and was an immediate success.

Fitzgerald followed up This Side of Paradise with a series of critically acclaimed novels, including The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the Night, and The Love of the Last Tycoon.

Fitzgerald’s personal life was as turbulent as his writing was successful; he had a famously rocky relationship with his wife Zelda, and he struggled with alcoholism and mental illness. Fitzgerald died in 1940, at the age of 44.

Though Fitzgerald‘s career was short, his influence on American literature was profound. He is considered one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, and his work continues to be read and studied today.

64 F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes

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  1. “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

2. “The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”

3. “If I knew words enough, I could write the longest love letter in the world and never get tired”

4. “Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.”

5. “Sometimes it is harder to deprive oneself of a pain than of a pleasure.”

6. “Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.”

7. “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”

8. “I don’t want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again.”

9. “Reserving judgements is a matter of infinite hope.”

10. “Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window.”

f scott fitzgerald famous quotes

Famous F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes

11. “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”

12. “You see I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there trying to forget the sad things that happened to me.”

13. “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

14. “Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.”

15. “I wasn’t actually in love, but I felt a sort of tender curiosity.”

16. “There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.”

17. “It is not life that’s complicated, it’s the struggle to guide and control life.”

18. “That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”

19. “Great books write themselves, only bad books have to be written.”

20. “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”

Thought-Provoking F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes

21. “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”

22. “I hope something happens. I’m restless as the devil and have a horror of getting fat or falling in love and growing domestic.”

23. “It’s a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people.”

24. “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”

25. “Every one suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known.”

26. “She smiled, a moving childish smile that was like all the lost youth in the world.”

27. “I won’t kiss you. It might get to be a habit and I can’t get rid of habits.”

28. “It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.”

29. “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one…just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

30. “So he tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong, just as he had tasted for a little while the deep happiness.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes about Life

31. “I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go”

32. “I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library.”

33. “Once in a while I go off on a spree and make a fool of myself, but I always come back, and in my heart I love her all the time.”

34. “Dishonesty in a woman is a thing you never blame deeply.”

35. “You’re not sorry to go, of course. With people like us our home is where we are not… No one person in the world is necessary to you or to me.”

36. “An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional.”

37. “He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.”

38. “All good writing is like swimming underwater and holding your breath.”

39. “It seemed that the only lover she had ever wanted was a lover in a dream.”

40. “When a girl feels that she’s perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her. That’s charm”

41. “There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind.”

42. “All I kept thinking about, over and over, was ‘You can’t live forever; you can’t live forever.”

43. “Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.”

44. “People living alone get used to loneliness.”

45. “I shall go on shining as a brilliantly meaningless figure in a meaningless world.”

46. “A woman should be able to kiss a man beautifully and romantically without any desire to be either his wife or his mistress.”

47. “The exhilarating ripple of her voice was a wild tonic in the rain.”

48. “The lights grow brighter as the earth lurches away from the sun.”

49. “Experience is the name so many people give to their mistakes.”

50. “You’re a slave, a bound helpless slave to one thing in this world, your imagination.”

51. “Life is so damned hard, so damned hard… It just hurts people and hurts people, until finally it hurts them so that they can’t be hurt ever any more. That’s the last and worst thing it does.”

52. “I like people and I like them to like me, but I wear my heart where God put it, on the inside. ”

53. “His dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him.”

54. “In any case you mustn’t confuse a single failure with a final defeat.”

55. “New friends can often have a better time together than old friends.”

56. “The rich get richer and the poor get  children.”

57. “So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight – watching over nothing.”

58. “It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life.”

59. “I am tired of knowing nothing and being reminded of it all the time.”

60. “People over forty can seldom be permanently convinced of anything. At eighteen our convictions are hills from which we look; at forty-five they are caves in which we hide.”

61. “I don’t care about truth. I want some happiness.”

62. “What people are ashamed of usually makes a good story.”

63. “You’re the only girl I’ve seen for a long time that actually did look like something blooming.”

64. “Everywhere we go and move on and change, something’s lost–something’s left behind. You can’t ever quite repeat anything, and I’ve been so yours, here”

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