Inspirational Drew Barrymore Quotes

“You know, being single is great! I don’t know why we treat it like some disease we are trying to cure with a remedy of ‘where is he’. I like being alone.” – Drew Barrymore

Famous Drew Barrymore Quotes

  1. “In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.”

2. “If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a wasted soul.”

3. “I don’t want to sit around and hope good things happen. I want to make them happen.”

4. “When things are perfect, that’s when you need to worry most.”

5. “I want people to be blown away when I do what they don’t expect.”

6. “We may not be able to do them all, but it is a safe place to dream. And sometimes, if you really work hard enough, dreams come true.”

7. “I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.”

8. “You can never, never have too many books”

9. “I never regret anything. Because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are in the end.”

10. “Different cocktails for different Saturday nights.”

Drew Barrymore Quotes About Life

11. “Life is very interesting… in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.”

12. “Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.”

13. “Love is the one uniting, relatable thing in everyone’s life. It’s what we all want and struggle with and fight for.”

14. “You can’t live your life blaming your failures on your parents and what they did or didn’t do for you. You’re dealt the cards that you’re dealt. I realized it was a waste of time to be angry at my parents and feel sorry for myself.” 

15. “There’s something liberating about not pretending. Dare to embarrass yourself. Risk.”

16. “He is so wonderful. And he is door number one. And I know it. And he’s right here.”

17. “She needs me for my strength, not my worry.”

18. “I feel like I was born the day my kids were and that my life before was only there to gain wisdom for them. The point is you do your best. Your very best every day. You do it and you do it for them!”

19. “I want people to love me, but it’s not going to hurt me if they don’t.” 

Drew Barrymore Quotes About Love and Happiness

20. “When I lay my head on the pillow at night I can say I was a decent person today. That’s when I feel beautiful.”

21. “Oh, I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at a time!”

22. “Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.”

23. “I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I think it’s important to seek out that reason – that’s how we learn.”

24. “Well, I think to myself now, domestic bliss may be one thing, but domestic goddess you are not.”

25. “I love the very exposed, humorous, imperfect, never-trying to-pretend-to-be-perfect journey that I have been on in my life.”

26. “My lesson here was you do not give up. You hold yourself accountable. You stay grateful. You hold on tight to your friends.”

27. “A stable, loving family is something that should absolutely, fundamentally never ever be taken for granted”

28. “You know, being single is great! I don’t know why we treat it like some disease we are trying to cure with a remedy of ‘where is he’. I like being alone.”

29. “I love being single. It’s great. I get to be who I am and do what I want and be with the people I love. I feel like I have everything and I’m very fortunate, and it’s very rich fulfilling time in my life.” 

30. “I am not someone who is ashamed of my past. I’m actually really proud. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but they in turn were my life lessons.” – Drew Barrymore

31. “You know you’re putting a good thing out into the universe when you put on glitter.”

32. “Kisses, even to the air, are beautiful.”

33. “You can be a warrior and be full of grace and class.”

34. “To feel blessed and recognize that working with people you like will make you want to work more!”

35. “I never want to get to the point where it’s all about my needs, and the hell with anybody else.”

36. “People are like moths. First they are ugly and awkward, until they break out of their shell and become a beautiful butterfly.”

37. “I took the stairs and felt like my childhood took the elevator.”

38. “My life choices are not supposed to be the gateway to somebody else’s. That’s my journey.”

39. “I’m just learning who I am and how relationships work and how to make them function. No different from anyone else.” 

40. “Don’t show your flaws. ” – Drew Barrymore

41. “Be Aunthentic. Be yourself. And most important of all..make it personal”

42. “I don’t know anybody’s road who’s been paved perfectly for them, there are no manuals, you don’t know what life has in store for you.” 

43. “Kissing – and I mean like, yummy, smacking kissing – is the most delicious, most beautiful and passionate thing that two people can do, bar none. Better than sex, hands down.” 

44. “I’ve been a vegetarian for years and years. I’m not judgemental about others who aren’t, I just feel I cannot eat or wear living creatures.” 

45. “Oh, I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at a time!”

Drew Barrymore is an American actress, producer, talk show host, author, and entrepreneur, was born on February 22, 1975.

She is a member of the Barrymore acting family and has won and been nominated for a number of accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, nine Emmy Awards, and a British Academy Film Award.

In 2004, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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