Revolutionary Bobi Wine Quotes That Will Always Be Remembered

In this Post, I have shared some of the most impactful Bobi Wine Quotes.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly known by his stage name Bobi Wine, is a Ugandan politician, musician, and actor. He was once a Member of Parliament. He is also the president of the National Unity Platform political party.

Bobi Wine ran in the 2021 election and was defeated by incumbent Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, a result that Bobi Wine and a large section of the public strongly disputed. Security forces arbitrarily detained and assaulted opposition supporters and journalists, killed demonstrators, and disrupted opposition rallies. The internet was shut down for five days before the elections, and access to social media sites like Twitter and YouTube was banned for a month. The authorities blocked Facebook access indefinitely after the network said that it had eliminated a network of accounts and pages associated with the government.

36 Bobi Wine Quotes 

  1. “I do not dress like this because I want to. I dress like this because there are people after my life. They think that by killing me, they will have it better. They do not know that if I die, it will only get worse.”

2. “Politics is a serious business to be left to only politicians.”

3. “When leaders become misleaders and mentors become tormentors, when freedom of expression becomes a target of suppression, opposition becomes our position.”

4. “We are the generation that was created by Museveni’s failures.”

5. “I’m not fighting you but I’m fighting for you.”

6. “General Museveni has tried all means to show us that we are violent so that he responds to us with violence but we are non violent.”

7. “Disagreeing with Museveni is a death sentence in Uganda.”

8. “We are all in danger until none of us is in danger.”

9. “I want to thank all journalists that move with us, your cameras are the weapons. our biggest weapon is the camera because we don’t do anything wrong so the camera helps us expose all the brutality. you’re guys always putting your lives on the line.”

10. “People power is stronger than the people in power”.”

11. “My job is to unite Ugandans irrespective of tribe, religion & party. I represent change.”

12. “When our leaders become misleaders, opposition becomes our position.”

13. “While you’re fighting for the oppressed, the dictator uses some of the oppressed people to oppress you.”

bobi wine quotes

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14. “Freedom comes to those who fight, not to those who cry, because the more you cry the more your people continue to die. so rise and defend your rights.”

15. “Museveni has never faced an opponent like myself. So many people look like me and they all have a background like mine. That is why they call us thugs because they believe that every poor person is a thug.”

16. “I am not untouchable. Museveni should know that justice is untouchable, freedom is untouchable. you cannot block justice, you cannot block freedom. that’s why people rise up whenever they see an injustice.”

17.”To our brothers & sisters in uniform, remember we live in a generation of cameras where everything is documented, one day you will answer individually.”

18. “I’m not here because I committed a crime. I’m here because I offered myself to lead Ugandans into ending 35 years of a dictatorship, it’s Museveni that is supposed to be in this dock for killing innocent civilians and for committing crimes against humanity.”

19. “The greatness of any nation does not lie in having a beautiful manifesto or even in having many well-written policy documents. The greatness of any nation lies in the commitment of leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say.”

20. “I didn’t come with money. wait for Mr. Museveni he will give you the money. eat it because it is ours after all, but vote for us to make sure our money is not used to buy our conscious so he continues to torture us.”

21. “It means that even if they kill me, things are irreversible right now. we are here to show the power of the people.”

22. “Provided that we are united, with or without me peaceful change is inevitable in our country Uganda.”

23. “It’s not going to be easy, they’re going to tear gas us. they’re going to whip us.  they’re going to imprison some of us. and, yes, they will kill some of us.”

24. “If parliament can not come to the ghetto, then the ghetto will come to parliament.”

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More Powerful Bobi Wine Quotes Below

25. As we preach peace, we must not shut our eyes & mouths to injustice or we shall be known by our children as the generation of hypocrites. peace at gunpoint is piss.”

26. “It’s not that I don’t fear. I’m a natural human being but I know there is something more powerful than fear and that is the future and destiny of our country.”

27. “I shall not kneel before you.  i shall not be cowed by your acts of terror. The forces of evil may be so fearsome, but they never win in the end. one day, god being our help, you’ll fall like all the other tyrants who came before you.”

28. “True freedom is when you overcome the love of money  and the fear of death. if you don’t love money, nobody can buy you off and if you don’t  fear death, nobody can scare you off.”

29 .”Some people in the opposition are only concerned about their positions and they will fight any composition that threatens their positions.”

30. “The wind of change is blowing, it’s only those that have decided to cover their ears and eyes that don’t see. Those of us who were babies and now parents are demanding the right to shape the future for ourselves and children.”

31. “I’m here to speak for millions and millions of Ugandans especially the young people, I’m here to represent their reality. The criminality isn’t perpetuated by ordinary Ugandans, it’s being done by the security operatives.”

32. “They’re trying to use our past against us but they don’t know it’s our past that made us who we are today.”

My favorite Bobi Wine Quotes are “When our leaders become misleaders, opposition becomes our position.” and “While you’re fighting for the oppressed, the dictator uses some of the oppressed people to oppress you.”

33. Vinci came to Uganda with nothing, but they were given land by government to establish a factory. Vinci the so-called rich investor applied for authority to use the same land to acquire a loan and the application was approved.”

34. “Government must suspend taxes on crude vegetable oil and wheat. This will help to reduce the prices of essential items like chapati. The ghetto people largely survive on chapati, so this policy decision is very urgent and long overdue”

35. “Ever since our shadow Minister of Agriculture Hon Abed Bwanika revealed a secret agreement between government and the coffee company called Vinci which is also connected to the fake Lubowa hospital project, a lot has been established.”

36 “Everyday It gets worse and worse But We get Stronger Everyday”

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